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The Marmalade.

Well at last the advent of YouTube and similar video sites enables us to comment on some Marmalade vids that collectors around the world have had stored for years.  Here's what's about at present plus a few words on them.  Enjoy.

                First up, click on the pic above for a clip of 'I see the Rain'  from Dutch TV in 1967 
Spot Pat on 6 string bass and Graham Knight on 4 string bass - Listen to the music to see what use they make of them.. 
Superb track with great lyrics about cows etc. Supplied by 'Vangoes from Brazil'.

Click on the pic above for a film of the band miming to early hit 'Baby Make it Soon'. 
To fit the new commercial image Junior has had the hair de-permed, the Hendrix moustache shaved off and takes up the acoustic guitar.

Click on the pic above for a performance of the chart topper Obladioblada taken from what looks like the German TV program 'Beat Club'.  

Next a version of 'Reflections' posted by SeaovJapan. Cheers, who ever you are.  Click on the pic.
Fascinating one this from a TV show somewhere - any ideas?  Live recorded vocals and guitar intro and drums to the fore as per.  No guitar break and a slow down & stop ending instead of the fade of the record.  Strings and brass arrangement still there.  Must be from some time after 'Reflections' was a hit since the band are well hairy with Dean sporting a perm and looking as if success has filled him out a wee bit. Allows a good look at Alan Whitehead's comic book painted drums too.  

Click on the pic above for a contemporary film of 'Rainbow' shot in a field of Jersey cows with a 'Pan's People' refugee bemusing all present. Ever the fashion critics, note that Pat - holding a stand up bass here - has the same T-shirt on as in the 'Reflection' clip above.
 Hope he washed it in-between gigs.

Click on the above pic for Music Mike's clip of  'Falling Apart at the Seams by the '76' 'Comeback' version of the band.
Yep we know Mike's link pic is the original line up but it's tiny anyway.

If you want to see videos of the present day line up performing the old hits you can access a fair few via Spike Munro's site. 
It really is remarkable how much Sandy Newman can get his vocals to sound like both Dean Ford's and Hugh Nicholson's.
Well worth a visit.  Nice one Spike.  Spike also does the guy's official website and you can keep up to date with the lads here -