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Marmalade Songs

20 years ago we set out these lyrics and chords to some of Marmalade's most famous numbers. These are our interpretations and we made key changes in some for easier playing - and the odd error too! These days everything is on the web we left these up for nostalgic reasons. Have fun.

Reflections of my life

Play slowly. 1 beat/second.
Intro Chord progression for verses: G,Bm,Em,G,C,B,Am,D,D7.         You can sub C/B for the B chord which is just 2nd string 1st fret and 5th string 2nd fret - a common passing shape from C to Am in many songs.  It's easier and we think it sounds better.

[G]The changing [Bm]of sunlight [Em]to moonlight, [G]reflections [C]of my life[C/][B][Am]Oh how they fill my [D]eyes[D7]

[G]The greetings [Bm]of people [Em]in trouble, [G]reflections [C]of my life
[C][B][Am]Oh how they fill my [D]mind[D7]

[G]All my [Bm]sorrows, [Em]sad to[G]morrows[G7][C]
[C]Take [B]me [Am]back to my [D]own home(oh I'm going home) [D7]

[G]All my [Bm]crying(all my cryings, [Em]feel I'm[G]dying[G7][C]
[C]Take [B]me [Am]back to my [D]own home[D7]

SOLO over 2 verse chord patterns

[G]I'm changing, [Bm]arranging, [Em]I'm changing, [G]I'm changing [C]everything[C][B][Am]Oh everything a[D]round me[D7]

[G]The world is [Bm]a bad place, [Em]a bad place, a [G]terrible place to [C]live
[C][B][Am]Ah but I don't want to [D]die[D7]

[G]All my [Bm]sorrows, [Em]sad to[G]morrows[G7][C]
[C]Take [B]me [Am]back to my [D]own home[D7]
[G]All my [Bm]crying, [Em]feel I'm[G]dying[G7][C]
[C]Take [B]me [Am]back to my [D]own home[D7]

[G]All my [Bm]sorrows, [Em]sad to[G]morrows[G7][C]
[C]Take [B]me [Am]back to my [D]own home[D7]
[G]All my [Bm]crying, [Em]feel I'm[G]dying[G7]dying[C]
[C]Take [B]me [Am]back to my [D]own home[D7]


                                                                                                                                   COUSIN NORMAN

(Hugh Nicholson)This is actually done in a different key and with a double beat rythm but we like it this way.

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(J. Campbell - T. McAleese)
Thanks to Peter McCormack from Canada who posted this to Paulo from Brazil's Marmalade site at :http://home.openlink.com.br/p.buchsbaum Check it out.
Harmonica Intro: D G/D(3rd fret) G/D(7th fret) repeat
Harmonica Extra: Over Chorus Chords
Ignore the D+E chord as described. Just throw in a quick Db ie D shape one fret down to pass from D to Bm in the song.  Sounds ok.

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