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Marmalade Pics

Great pic below of Dean Ford taken 7.9.2001 when guest vocalist on a single with a reformed SAHB.  Looking good there Dean! 

Next:  a couple of pics from Peter Hull's collection. Autographed photo and a backstage shot from a 1967 gig in Dereham, Norfolk. 
Alan Whitehead is out of shot. The fan far left is another Peter and the lassie is Mr Hull's then girlfriend Janet. Lucky you Pete. 
From his raised eyebrow and tapping of his watch Pat Fairley seems to be concerned about the time Pete is taking to get his snap.

Next lot of pics below from Jim Fairlie's collection of music press.  Cheers Jim





Here's a NME article sent in by Piotr Szymanski all the way from Poland

2019 contribution from Kevin Head of London taken from old issues of Disc and Music Echo July 1969.