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Some LP Covers and 45 Labels of Other Scottish Bands
If you collect Scottish LPs these are must haves.



Clouds - formerly Edinburgh band 1,2,3.  Look 'em up and check 'em out.  LP above: 'Scrapbook'


'Watercolour Days'
There was an album between these two released only in N. America.
All three plus bonustracks to show they werre ahead of their time somewhat are available
on a double CD - 'Up above our Heads'.

Scots of St James'


                                                              Our  'Copies' of the two singles by these guys. Probably bootlegs or 'unofficial'releases as they are often described.
                                                                             Interesting not just in themselves but also the Alan Gorrie, etc connection. with the AWB


                                                       After 'The Scots of St James' the main guys were in Hopscotch with Hamish Stewart - need to get their singles!
                                                                                                    then recorded  two LPs for RCA under the name:

  Forever More.
Alan Gorrie, Stewart Francis, Owen McIntyre, Mick Travis (real name Strode) - 3 Scots plus Mick from the Midlands.

1st LP above - 'Yours Forever More' not 'Paint it Yourself'
2 tracks written by Gorrie, 4 by Travis and 5 by one 'Sam Hedd' - AKA Mick Travis/Strode  Contractual reasons?

2nd LP below - 4 penned by Gorrie, 2 by Travis and the rest by Gorrie/Travis. 


The name then changed to Glencoe.

                                                                                                              Two albums : Glencoe & Spirit of Glencoe.
                                                                                But by the time these were recorded only one or two of the band were Scots - which is ok.
                                                 Graham Maitland (keys, vocals), Norman Watt Roy (bass & vocals), Stewart Francis (drums), John Turnbull (guitars vocals).


Cado Belle
The name is an amalgam of the Italian/Latin, 'Cado': 'I fall or I die' and the French, 'Belle': Beautiful.

We saw the wonderful Maggie Reilly in Arran in 1974 with her then band, Joe Cool. 
And then with Cado Belle in the Nashville Rooms, West London in '75 or '76.