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We receive loads of tales of how dances and gigs were often marred by gang violence in the '60s.  We are always grateful to have such reminiscences though we normally don't post them but here's one with a twist in that it shows how music and attitudes were changing if not yet changed.  It concerns the band 'Clouds' (formerly 1,2,3 from Edinburgh or thereabouts) though it might have been some other band.   "The Maryland in Scott St just round the corner facing the side of the the Arts school was the place to see bands such as Pink Floyd, John Mayall etc.......   One band who crashed spectacularly was Clouds a London based band who had heard that the soul number 'Skinny Minny' was an old favourite in Glasgow. Little did they know it was linked to The Calton Tongs and was regarded as their war song - the extra line TONGS  YA BASS would be added to the chorus.  Now a lot of Glasgow heads/freaks had come out of the gangs seeking Peace, Love and Drugs.  It was the only time I have ever seen a band booed off the stage of the Maryland.  I think it awakened some dark and violent pasts in a lot of those present.   I do believe 'Clouds' had to flee the building."   Well they obviously got away and here are the covers from their two UK lps. There is also a Canada only album apparently.


Sorry about the lazy comments we had here before - More thoughtful reviews of all the above lps will appear in due course. 
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