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The Corvettes

Four young schoolboys from Mauchline, Andy and Johnny Wilson, Stephen Brodie and Tom Allardyce
formed the Corvettes while at Cumnock Academy in the early '60s.

The group played at many concerts and dances during the mid '60s and were very popular with the Ayrshire youth.

l-r Stephen Brodie (guitar), Johnnie Wilson (drums), Andy Wilson (lead guitar).
Tom Allardyce (bass) is behind the camera.

l-r Stephen Brodie (guitar), Tom Allardyce (bass), Andy Wilson (lead guitar).
This time it's Johnnie Wilson's turn to take the photo.

l-r: Andy Wilson, Tom Allardyce, Stephen Brodie.
Drummer Johnnie Wilson gets behind the camera again.

  Clip from the Cumnock Chronicle with a pic of the lads looking a year or two older :
"THE CORVETTES PLUS ONE.  Just to prove that they are very much 'with it'

  at the Academy, the concert featured the popular Corvettes group plus - for this occasion - the Paul Diamond-like tones of
 flautist James Dickie, who scored a big hit with the "Take Five" number.
The group members are Andrew Wilson, Johnny Wilson, Stephen Brodie and Tom Allardyce."


When the Daily Record ran the MacBeat contest to find the best amateur group in Scotland,
The Corvettes won the West of Scotland competition.
Dean Ford and the Gaylords (later the Marmalade) won the overall Scottish final.

The Corvettes disbanded soon after the MacBeat competition to pursue careers in different parts of the UK.

The former members of the Corvettes meet up again in 2011
    l-r:  Stephen Brodie; Johnnie Wilson; Andy Wilson;  Tom Allardyce