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Tommy Trousdale / Graham Bell  / Billy Munro 

More info or pics on these guys would be very welcome.  
Thanks to Jack Anderson (no mean guitar player and needs his own page soon) for the loan of the lps. 

Tommy Truesdale and his band the Sundowners is probably Ayrshire's best known act from the 60s & 70s.
A popular local radio presenter since the 70s as well and still going strong in 2015. 


What a voice this man has.  Graham is still performing regularly too - up in Invernesshire.

If you were ever in the Plough Inn, Ayr High St on a Friday night, in the early '70s you will have heard Billy finish his act with 'The Star 'o Rabbie Burns...
...and his trademark sign off, 'Chee-chee-chee-cheerio'.  Happy Days indeed.